• ** please note this site/porfolio has not been updated in quite awhile. I am only taking very limited projects at the moment that cater to my own artistic visions and inspirations.


    Reny - 5.18.18

    Today's technology has made it possible for anyone to pick up a camera (or even an iPhone) and proudly proclaim themselves a photographer! But this isn't necessarily an evil thing, it has allowed some to express themselves whom otherwise wouldn't have been able to 20 years ago. I consider myself an artist first and photographer 2nd, although depending on who you ask, those two terms are one in the same.

    This blog represents my never ending exploration and learning into my self expression using the camera as my tool. Although I do a great deal of commercial work these days, my focus is almost always finding ways to express myself artistically by communicating with my viewers with each new image I create.

Canned tuna, onions and sugar free kool-aid…

…that’s what I’m eating as I make this post.  Tasty right?  Actually it ain’t bad.  I’ve put far worse in my mouth…

Just a quick update since I have a few people bitching I don’t update anymore.  Had a fairly busy weekend, 2 shoots and a quick last minute video session.  No, I don’t do video but it’s something I have been dabbling in because it’s interesting, new and challenging. (I get bored easy) Not to mention the 5D takes some superb video!


http://www.eaglesports.com/ - new bikini line

Michelle Scott, (model shown) scored me this gig. Also a last minute rush, but best of all…they are going to do the editing!  It was weird shooting bikini stuff! Hadn’t done it in so long.  I think Look Swimwear was the last time…. This had to be the best location in all of Louisiana to shoot swimwear.  Private home with it’s own man made competition ski lake. Wish I had the opportunity to shoot my own work there. Big thanks to my dear friend Jennifer Concepcion on the last minute make-up job! I promise, I’m going to pay you…hold your breath. Really…hold it. ;-p


Fast forward after lunch…  Met up with Houston, TX Figure competitor – Lauren Stogner.  She had submitted an audition tape for a trainer spot on The Biggest Loser  reality tv show.  They liked what they saw, but wanted her to reshoot an interview portion…by this week.  She was in town for a wedding this weekend and we “attempted” to get it done! lol.  (Thanks Chanse for letting us use your living room…and cooking everyone fish and chicken!)  Here’s the intro to the spot we shot.  Good luck Lauren!  I really need to learn to shoot and edit with the footage this 5D can capture! LOVE IT!


Lauren Stogner – Biggest Loser trainer audition intro from Renato Ramos on Vimeo.

Like what you see? Yaay, I get to shoot her for reals come May. Come see her strut her stuff, She’ll be entering the Camellia Championships!. May 28, 2011 in Slidell, LA.


With Easter coming up, the wife and I took Lucera out for some Easter Pics! Complete with Chicks!

Lucera Rei Ramos !

I know I’m biased, but damn that lil kid is cute!

Chasing the chicks for a kiss!

I had another shoot planned for Sunday!! A personal one that’s been a long time in the making, but unfortunately…scheduling was muffed. Stay tuned for some great work with Mona Duvera.


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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Oh geez I got a headache…

…but if I don’t update this blog now, I never will.

Been a few months since I set fingers to keys for this blog, but if it means anything, I had full on intentions to do so quite a few times already.    Since the baby, I’ve cut down shooting a bit….which leaves me in a constant state of being backed up on shoots.  Let me clarify, shoots for myself.  The ones I get to use my own creativity and get to make some neato art.  So if we have been talking about a shoot, I’ll get to you. Promise.  I have all these images in my head that I need to get out and put to realization.  Instead of boring you all w ith my banter, I’ll just post a few various shots since last year.   Oh, one last thing…I’ve created a new site, let me know what you think.  I’m on the fence about a full flash site, but it’s easy to use for showcasing the portfolio.  http://www.flipstyle.tv (flipstylephotography.com still works.  .tv just points to it)

Sportfit - Matt and April - Sportfit Nutrition


Courtney - Hot Chocolate!




Cover shot for Northshore Fitness - Pink Muscle


Vickie Dauthier - Pink Muscle Figure competitor



WET! (I know, lightstands...i kinda liked them in there though.)


I guess this is more photojournalism... I got to capture a bondage session with New Orlean's Dom, Gabrial Black.


VJ Kurvy - actually, i'm running late at this very moment to get ready for his birthday dinner. whoops!





Looking back in my files to post these…  guess I  haven’t really shot much for mys4lf.  There’s a lot I hadn’t posted, but I guess they are either too risque for the general public or those are the more normal photography that people pay for.     Ofcourse, I did take a 2 week cross country road trip and HAD A BROKEN CAMERA so I missed out on some breathtaking views in the Grand Canyon and Zion.  Thank goodness for iPhones…  check that adventure out here – http://www.pacificandback.com.  The best summer I’ve had to date.

I’ve got to split! but I have some good stuff planned for next week I hope to share soon!

flip …out.

p.s.  I’ll be the official event photographer for the Camellia championships.  If you are a competitor, get with me about a discount portrait session!

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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I’ve neglected this blog for a while now.  Mainly for lack of having time to shoot from my creative side…Now that summer is nearing it’s end I have some shoots planned.  Until then, here’s a few from earlier shoots that I hadn’t shared to everyone yet.  A few from one these set’s were published in that Hungarian mag from previous blog update…

Model: J-Masters MUA- Renee Ramos

Model: Jessica Masters MUA: Renee Ramos

Model: Jessica Masters  MUA : Renee Ramos

Jessica Masters / Renee Ramos

Model: Jessica Masters MUA: Renee Ramos

BTS - Setup shot

Model: Sheena MUA: Renee Ramos

Model: Sheena MUA: Renee Ramos

Model: Sheena MUA: Renee Ramos

Model: Sheena MUA: Renee Ramos

Too risque for ya?  I snapped some couples portraits in my backyard for my wife’s cousins…

Todd & Courtney

Courtney with Todd stalking in the background.

sooo sweeet...

ok, let me clarify…the yard’s not really THAT big.  The yard borders a golf course, so it makes a convenient setting for shots like this.

WHO DAT!!! Had to work in the Fleur De Li's!

Everything goes planned, I’ll fit in 2 shoots this month!  If you are someone you know would like photographs, feel free to contact me for pricing and info.

Reny (flip) Ramos

cell: 504.915.1429  reny@flipstylephotography.com

http://www.bombshelterstudios.net -  http://www.flipstylephotography.com

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Dick - Oh I know all about blog neglect. :(

But thanks for sharing these man. They’re fantastic!

Knapper - If you can make me look that hot, you’re hired. ;)

Sean Creppel - Dude I love the girls with the Tat’s that hit a button on me

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“I be up in the gym just workin’ on mah fitness…”

So says Fergie…but really???  Not to take away from Fergie, she’s a great performer and is  certainly quite attractive (most of the times)… But REAL WOMEN  have MUSCLES!!!…

Danielle Kifer's - Pink Muscle Team (+ Chanse Charrier) clockwise left to right - April, Julie, Sarah, Danielle, Kelly, Deborah and Chanse.

There was NO shortage of the latter at the Red Stick Classic this past weekend!   yeah, I know a lot of the insecure puny guys are thinking, “WTF FLIP?! Those girls could kick my ass.  Show us some of the usual stuff you shoot.”    It’s not just the visual astethics that makes fitness/figure competitors appealing, but knowing the hard work, dedication and focus they put into achieving such a high level of fitness that makes these individuals true athletes.  That goes for both men or women in this sport.  Think about it, most of us have a hard time just putting down that bag of chips let alone getting under some heavy iron after an already long day of work…or waking early to get it done BEFORE the workday…lol.

My wife’s trainer, IFBB Pro Figure Competitor – Danielle Kifer had a team of ladies (and Chanse) competing at this event which in the end all placed top 5 or better!  Congrats to Danielle and all the ladies (and Chanse) for a job well done.

Here’s a few individual shots  of some of the team.  (Sorry April and Julie!  I didn’t get to snap you guys. Next time!)





and the driving force behind Pink Muscle

Danielle Kifer (not my shot, I just stole it from a Google search. sue me)

HOLY MOTHER OF MONKEY’S UNCLES!! People really can get their bodies in that level of condition!  You people think I’m a narcissistic bastard now, ya’ll gonna loath me if I ever achieve that type of conditioning! (don’t  hold  your breath though);-)

All jokes aside…if you are looking to improve your health from a few pounds to possibly getting competitive, give her a shout. I hear she’s good.  Those of you who know me personally, you’ve seen the amazing transformation my wife’s gone through since our baby…all resulted from Danielle’s advice.

If you are wanting to see some of these ladies (and Chanse) compete in person, come out to the Greater Gulf States this weekend at the Landmark Hotel in Metairie, LA Saturday.  If you see me, say hi!! …or not.

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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