• ** please note this site/porfolio has not been updated in quite awhile. I am only taking very limited projects at the moment that cater to my own artistic visions and inspirations.


    Reny - 5.18.18

    Today's technology has made it possible for anyone to pick up a camera (or even an iPhone) and proudly proclaim themselves a photographer! But this isn't necessarily an evil thing, it has allowed some to express themselves whom otherwise wouldn't have been able to 20 years ago. I consider myself an artist first and photographer 2nd, although depending on who you ask, those two terms are one in the same.

    This blog represents my never ending exploration and learning into my self expression using the camera as my tool. Although I do a great deal of commercial work these days, my focus is almost always finding ways to express myself artistically by communicating with my viewers with each new image I create.

Inked Girl – Premiere Issue 2010

Inked Girls - Premiere Issue Cover (not my work) Copyrighted Inked Magazine

So it finally came out!  After submitting 7 images weeks ago, the publication is out.  Actually, I wasn’t aware at first that this was going to be for a Premiere Issue Inked Girls.  A spin-off from Inked Magazine consisting of just the Girls!

Ratheal sent me a text Saturday morning making me aware it was on the stands, so I dropped by the Bookstore on the way to see the New Orleans Saint’s whoop some ASS!

Anyhow, only 4 images actually made print.  There are 2 others I had submitted that I would have loved to see in there before  a couple of the ones that did, but I am not arguing!!  Not knowing the crop ratio’s before the shoot, I shot myself in the foot and probably could have composed some of the shots better to suit what they needed.

Some of the Contributors -

I’m probably the newest kid on the block when compared to reading some of the other Photographers profile bio’s.  It’s great to be grouped with some successful shooters!  What totally sucks is they left out my MUA credits!  So if you’ve followed the link in the bio to my site, MUA was Blair Johnston.  Talented and ambitious!

Set title page

Opening image of my set

So get out and pick up your issue and send in some fan mail to  Inked praising and requesting more of my work!!!  lol   I look forward to possibly shooting more work for them in the future, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Below is all the images (as well as image scans of mag) that I submitted.

[smugmug url="http://flipstyle.smugmug.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=10485597_ew87B&format=rss200" title="Submitted%20Inked%20Girl%20shots" imagecount="100" start="1" num="100" thumbsize="Th" link="image" captions="false" sort="false" window="true" smugmug="false" size="M"]

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Dick - DUDE! That’s just cool man. It really was a great shoot you turned in there. I’m going to have to find a copy of that issue and get it signed. ;-)

dave - That’s awesome! Congrats!

Mike - Nice Ramos!

Sylvia - Congrats lil brother…awesome work!!!

Tammy - Proud of you papi !

Ziggy - Hey…Bro…like that you in there too…Love it my little brother Reny Ren,,,ha ha…you the MAN!!!!!!!

apartamenty Świeradów Zdrój - some times its a pain in the ass to read what website owners wrote but this website is rattling user friendly ! .

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1st Unofficial 2010 shoot!

Spent the weekend at Harrah’s hotel for my birthday, so Sunday we picked up Lulu from my mom’s and spend the last night there with her.  The following Monday morning I captured these as we played lazy in the suite.

[smugmug url="http://flipstyle.smugmug.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=10894351_6Hisr&format=rss200" title="Lucera%20Rei%20-%201.04.2010" description="January%204%2C%202010%20" imagecount="13" start="1" num="13" thumbsize="Th" link="image" captions="false" sort="false" window="true" smugmug="false" size="L"]

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Dick - Very nice man! She is one happy baby! And great use of the window light!

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A 2009 photography recap…HELLOO! 2010! (NSFW)

Wow, another year has come and gone! Photographically, 2009 had some great learning experiences as well as some personal creativity peaks!! My exploration into this art keeps bringing me fulfillment that I seek.  Maybe that we all seek.  Being able to create something you are truly in touch with and proud of is a very rewarding feeling.  So Let’s start with January 2009…

The year started off with a party!! Literally!  My wife and I decided to celebrate our birthdays together while I had some photographer friends in from out of town.  Dave Contreras, whom I can consider  somewhat my mentor since starting my voyage behind the lens, was coming down to visit as well as provide a few of us a workshop.  Although Dave’s experience exceeds mine by only a year or two, he truly has an eye and talent unlike far too many out there who claim to do what we do.  Highly respect him for his work.  But I’ll stop right there so as not to swell his head any more or fear of Mo calling it a bromance.  Even though I think he did try to hold my hand when we took a walk near Santa Monica pier when I visited last summer. He claim’s we just brushed too closely as we walked side by side…(lol just fuckin’ witha Supa Dave).  Attending the workshop was about 3 or 4  good friends, Myself, Kat Spano (Kitty Graphix), Krissy V (from CT) and Dave himself.

Unfortunatly I only had 1 shot I edited from that workshop…

Model: Jodi Ibieta   -  MUA: I forgot her name! Sorry!!

Model: Jodi Ibieta – MUA: I forgot her name! Sorry!!

You my remember Jodi from previous shoots past.  One of my wife’s friends and a favorite to shoot!!  Hopefully 2010 we’ll do some shooting.

Much of the technique’s we learned that day are still heavily influenced my work on a regular basis, but I’m always striving to learn new things both behind the camera and in post.  I was able to fly up later in the year and visit Dave’s home turf, but that’ll come later in the blog!

My first real shoot for 2009 was Country Music artist - Tabitha Eryn.  She splits her time between Nashville and her home in Mississippi so she wanted to drive down and do some shooting on a real Bayou to coincide with her upcoming music release.  We took it “Down the Road” and shot at the end of the world on Delacroix Island.


Tabitha Eryn - Delacroix Island, LA

Tabitha Eryn – Delacroix Island, LA

Delta Blues

I used to separate my more artistic photo work from what most would consider mainstream as I didn’t want to scare away potential clients.   But after delving further and further into what has been becoming “my photography”, I realized I’m not a photographer, but at the risk of sounding cliche…an Artist.  My heart isn’t in taking photos for other people.  I do it, but seldomly.   I shoot pictures for  a creative outlet.   I rather be known for all of my work, whether is shocks, scares or repulses… than just for some of it.   Which brings me to my Fetish photography and the next shoot.

Bound – Sheena

When some people ask, “Man, are you some kind of a pervert?”  I tell him, “No, I’m kinky I just use a feather…perverts use the whole chicken.”  ;-p  I stumbled upon some Japanese bondage photography in mid 2008 and fell in love with art of Kinkabu or more commonly known in the U.S. as Shibari.  The more  I researched it the more I was intrigued by the intricate rope work. I decided then that it was something I’d want to explore even more.. I know what most are thinking, but these shoots are actually far from sexual. Often clumsy and awkward since I’m still fairly new to the art, all involved are usually laughing and having a good time.  Just like every other shoot I do.   This was actually more like my 2nd bondage shoot, but the first in 2009.  Sheena has since become my go to model for this photography when I want to experiment with new rope techniques.

From the same shoot…

Sheena x 3!

2nd Session short time later

Dragonfly arm bind

Skipping ahead a bit…

Here’s one of my fav’s from the my 2nd session with Iarionne Reine. I first shot her in mid 2008.  Awesome girl with the sweetest attitude.


My images started to get a little more dynamic as you can see from the above shot compared to earlier.  I purchased more lighting equipment and more quality gear.  I believe  every photo is only as good as the way it’s lit.  This doesn’t always mean use of multiple artificial light sources but  even natural daylight.  One just has to learn to use it correctly to capture the shot.

hmm..more bondage?  This is Wednesday Adams…I shot some rope  with her, but I wasn’t happy with my work. Luckily my wife had found some neat bondage cuffs just the week before while out shopping.  Has to be love when one’s wife spies some bondage device and automatically thinks…”I bet my hubby could use this for a shoot”… Thanks for your support baby!

Hand’s down to those involved from this shoot: Wednesday, Kat, Mo-B… we shot this in my warehouse in Luling which is an old Quonset Hut. No A/C…it was HOT.

Wednesday Adams

In January my wife and I found out we were having a BABY!!!… so come April she was showing quite nicely and she braved the lens for her first Maternity shoot.

Baby Lucera Rei Ramos…still in the oven then.

The next set I shot for an old friend from middle school, Carlota Becnel.  She had gotten heavy into fitness and was leading into her first competition.  In a few of the shots with her, is Rob and Danielle Kifer.   Danielle was her trainer and Rob an employee at the gym.  My wife is presently under Danielle’s diet and training advice! Check her out – Danielle Kifer

Carlota Becnel – I believe 2 weeks or so out from competition.

Carlota, Rob and Danielle

Moving along in May…  This has to be the sweetest outdoor location I’ve shot at.  Private lake behind the model’s neighbors home.

Michelle -Would you believe this was her first shoot ever?

…and a mother.

wut wut?!

I guess no commentary needed…but avert your eyes if you’re the innocent type for the next bunch of images…

June 2009 – More Sheena

The wife actually lent a hand on the above shoot.  Literally.  helping me do the binds.   Big thanks to Dudley, owner of the Mr. Binky’s adult stores down here in the New Orleans area providing the props – Gag ball!

Bella Blue – New Orleans own Burlesque Dancer.  Member of Fleur de Tease Burlesque Review. – Quite easily the easiest subject I’ve shot.  Give her no direction, and she’ll do what comes naturally and provide you with some great shots.  Look forward to taking her photos again.  Another one who is on my 2010 list of shoots!

New Orleans Burlesque Star – Bella Blue


When we shooting again?

In Japanese bondage there are several catagories you can distinguish a technique from.  One of which is FULL SUSPENSION.  Here I ventured into it… Only successfully because she didn’t fall and she was fully suspended.  However, I wasn’t happy with the rope work.  Very sloppy, but the image came out nicely.  Model is Sicilia Ricci.  Unlike any of the other bondage photos I’ve shot, Sicilia is a true submissive and lives the lifestyle with her boyfriend. Nice ordinary people all things considering.

Tsuri Nawa Shibari – Suspension bondage

This was actually my 2nd shoot with Sicilia, the first being in 2008!

Feeling dirty? ok…only 2 more bondage shoot for the rest of the year…I promise.   In July I traveled to San Fransisco to drop off my son at Stanford and got the opportunity to hook up with one of my fav fetish photogs in the San Fran area – Chi Rue99.  You know, I can’t for the life of me remember his real name now…I Just always called him Chi.  Anways, we were just going to hook up for some coffee and pick each others brains, but it wound up turning into a shoot.  He had yet to shoot any rope suspension and I agreed to tie a girl up if (how odd does that sound?) he could arrange it in short notice.  The model – Courtnay is actually another photog friend of his living in the area. Here’s what we got -

Chi Rue Studio’s – San Fransisco California

It was awesome to have the chance to meet up and shoot with someone who’s work I respected!

Well, I was in California…so I hopped on a flight down to Orange County to see none other than Dave Contreras!  Dave was nice enough to house me for a few days and play my tour guide.  This is also  the first time I got to meet Dick of www.bottlenex.com. Dick’s a good friend of Dave’s whom all of us became friends from www.glamorstills.com. A site Dave and I tried to get started going, but wound up just being a cool place to hang out among a select few friends.  Dick also helps me pass the work day by sending me links to many mindless videos and immature jokes!  Thanks Dick!

Dave arranged a shoot while there of course.  Actually 2, but one shoot had a flaky model.  Here’s a couple shots from the one that panned out.

MUA – Kaliya Gina Yu, Model – Rebekah

This was actually the 1st look we shot.

Good times and I hope to visit up there again.  If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you may have seen the BTS shots with my cellphone on this shoot as well as a few others.

Lindsey Cooper… I have to say I am usually not visually attracted to shooting blonds, but Lindsey provided me with some of my all time favorite shots.  Another on the top of my 2010 list of shooting.

Mrs. T?? ;-p (gold chains..get it? get it?.. I pity the fool?!)

Lindsey Cooper

Looking forward to capturing her again.

So by this time my wife is pretty well PREGNANT!  Our 2nd shoot…She is simply GORGEOUS and Glowing in these…

Whoa Belly…

Tammy Ramos & Lucera Rei

Holy Moly..I assure you it wasn’t twins…

Next up was Doug Lee.  Local actor.  You know the Carrie Underwood video with the guy in a hat standing in the shadows?  That’s Doug!

I wasn’t used to shooting males so I honestly have to say this shoot wasn’t my most favorite.  I felt like I let him down with the images.  They didn’t have the “WOW” that I aim for, but I plan on shooting him again.  Hopefully with more passion.

Doug Lee

MUA – Blair Johnston

But Doug brought a MUA with him…and after this shoot we made some MAGIC!!

Blair Johnston – I mentioned her in another blog post and can’t say enough good about the woman.  She’s sweet, very talented…no CRAZY talented and tiny.  You can probably throw her around for fun between shots.  Seriously, great girl!  I still have some imags I need to get through post for her..sorry Blair!!!  before she leaves for Los Angeles.  Yes, too much talent and too good for us down here  ;-p.

The nest few images are from here and I’s work over a few months.  I think we shot about 3 times…All MUA, Hair and Styling are of her concept.

Model: Ashley Montie MUA/Hair: Blair Johnston

Model: Ashley Montie MUA/Hair: Blair Johnston

model: Ashley Jolie

Model: kellie

Model: Stacy J.


The next 2 were shot specifically for Inked Magazine.  They will be having a Special Edition Inked Girl coming out this month (not sure date yet) and  by Donald Hellinger, Inked President to submit a 6-8 page spread. Hope all my images made it past the editor!



The model, Ratheal of 238 Lingerie was someone I spotted on the net somewhere. I saw her image, and knew I wanted to shoot her.  She was Raw & Sexy!  But there was no way to contact her.   Not until months later I ran across her Myspace profile for her Lingerie Show company.  We setup a shoot the following week or so.   The next couple of images are of my first shoot with her.  The Male is her bf, Kevin.  They made for some fantastic shots and great laughs.  Very fun people to hang with!

also submitted to Inked

Ratheal and Kevin

Well, we’re nearing the end of the year now…I had 1 last bondage shoot.   Setup took nearly 1.5 hours and we only got to shoot 20 mins.  Sucks…as I had plenty more good shots in my head.  But luckily I was able to capture a nice one.

Alea Monster – San Fransisco Alt Model

But the VERY last 2009 shoot (besides a wedding)  would be none other than 2 of 3 the most beautiful girls on the planet.  Mainly because they are a Ramos…;-)

Tammy and Lucera Rei – with Lucera finally out of the belly for this shoot…

Tammy and Lucera Rei Ramos

Tammy Lynn Ramos

I was lucky enough to be blessed with a beautiful wife…perhaps 2010 she’ll get in front of the lens for me a little more often.  Oh and in case you are wondering who  other most beautiful woman on the planet…that would be my oldest daughter – Zoe!

Zoe Ramos!

But alas the  year has come to an end….  My first unofficial shoot already took place this past weekend at Harrah’s hotel when I captured Tammy and Lulu up in the room.  But that’s for another post.   Officially, I have a few options on the table.  I’m not sure which one I want to take just yet.  I want the 2010 1st official shoot to be nothing short but setting my bar HIGH.  I may even wait till the end of the month when KristinaV and Dave fly down again for what seems could be a good “annual” gtg.  hint hint… I love having company in town.  Especially good company!

What else is in store for 2010?  Where will my photography take me?   I don’t know for sure, but I am finally feeling more confident to try and get more of my work exposed.  I think that will be one of my focuses.  Printing work out and getting them out there.  I already have a few of my bondage shots on display Downtown and for sale, but I’m thinking broader.  Not just locally.   I’m not really interested in making money and getting rich off my work, but rather exposing others to it and maybe seeing if they appreciate what I have to offer.   Until then, I’ll continue to learn, experiment, play and most of all…Have fun shooting.

Me, Flip and Ronnie my occasional assitant.

**I may have forgotton to post some good shots from the year, but I was mainly going on memory and my hosted files.  Sorry!!  A big thanks goes out to Kat and Mo Beast (JahromePhoto).  With you two, some of these images wouldn’t be possible.  Thanks for the lending hand as well as the laughs.  Let’s do it again in 2010 eh?   Thanks to Ronnie Madere…a real friend who braves even the most hideous shoots I can’t post here…Another BIG thanks goes out to my lovely and most understanding Wife…A wife who may not always see my work as I do, but understands who and where it’s coming from.  I promise to knock you up again in 2010!

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography


beast - I LOVE YOU ..no homo no homo

Ibieta - Good job Reny!! Looking forward to shooting again.

Dick - Dude, great retrospect man!! I loved reading through all that and checkin out the pics! I can’t even remember what I did last week.

And thank’s for the shout out!

Shannon - I love your work..its really awsome..

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A December wedding…

So those who know me know I usually don’t shoot weddings.  Why? it’s just too much responsibility for one.  You miss that shot…well, you MISSED THAT SHOT.  Not much opportunity to ask, “hey, crap…can you kiss her again?!”  But that’s only part of it.   I honestly don’t really consider myself a “photographer” in the sense of how most define that title.   Sure, I take pictures and I’ll boast that I can take them quite well…usually.  But to me, that title belongs to someone who does it for there profession.  Who relies on this as work for pay no matter the circumstances.  Often photographing content they “have” to photograph for work.  Content that usually doesn’t have much input by the one shooting it.  Not totally at least.  But what defines a “professional” and a “hobbyist” is for another blog…which is coming up next actually.

…and back to the wedding stuff… My sister Lydia was married on December 20th, 2009 to a fine man – Burnie Danjean…aka Big Burn.  Their budget was low because my sister is a cheap bitch, JUST KIDDING!!  Actually it was both their 2nd time around and like most 2nd rounders… a big wedding isn’t a must.  So at her request, I somewhat reluctantly obliged to document this special occasion.

Here are a few…

Cello player in the background while the guest arrive

Cello player in the background while the guest arrive

The Bride

The Bride

Pops giving her away....and GOOD RIDDENS! ;-p

Pop's giving her away....and GOOD RIDDENS! ;-p

Jiggy wit it.

Jiggy wit it.

Cotton Candy sweet to go, lemme see dat tootsie ROLLL!!

Cotton Candy sweet to go, lemme see dat tootsie ROLLL!!

Its not a wedding till there is some line dancing...

It's not a wedding till there is some line dancing...

Groom, his son and his parents.

Groom, his son and his parents.

Somebody took advantage of the free drinks...

Somebody took advantage of the free drinks...

I can only imagine had they been old enough to take advantage of the free drinks...

I can only imagine had they been old enough to take advantage of the free drinks...

The Cake!

The Cake!

was cut...

was cut...

Grooms cake which I missed!! Was it good?

Groom's cake which I missed!! Was it good?

Finding their own peace in the chaos...

Finding their own peace in the chaos...

The Dear Lord blessed me with a wonderful family...!

The Dear Lord blessed me with a wonderful family...!

The newest addition to the Flip Dynasty couldnt hang...

The newest addition to the Flip Dynasty couldn't hang...

Congrats Lydia an Burnie...for years to come.

Congrats Lydia an Burnie...for years to come.


WHOA! I didnt know they allowed Pimps up in that wedding...

WHOA! I didn't know they allowed Pimp's up in that wedding...

Oops, let’s end this with a little Dance Lesson!

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Mike - Family photo is the shiznit! LOL!

Dave - Awesome. The comments on the photos were hilarious! Nice job on the photos too!

Dick - Very nice shots man! The good news is you could definitely be a wedding photog…if it wasn’t the worst job in the world! Amazing DOF at such a fast paced event too!

Btw, do you have to get your shirts custom made for the arms? Like do they just sew pant legs onto a sleeveless muscle shirt for you?

Zig- the big sis - Oh silly brother….you could have got good money for these shots…if it wasn’t your sis. You need a photo agent …haha…furnaggle some deals.

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Very Merry Christmas….With Snow!

The wife and I didn’t get the chance to create the Christmas card as we did last year, sorry…but we did grab one of Lucera Rei…

If you are from the New Orleans area, you’re most likely getting the crappy weather of rain right now…so I added soem corny holiday snow here!

Merry Christmas!

For those who missed last year…

Few more candid’s from 2008 Christmas

Merry Christmas

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Dick - Haha, very nice! And a Merry Christmas to you and your naughty friend there! Like the snow btw! hahaha

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