• ** please note this site/porfolio has not been updated in quite awhile. I am only taking very limited projects at the moment that cater to my own artistic visions and inspirations.


    Reny - 5.18.18

    Today's technology has made it possible for anyone to pick up a camera (or even an iPhone) and proudly proclaim themselves a photographer! But this isn't necessarily an evil thing, it has allowed some to express themselves whom otherwise wouldn't have been able to 20 years ago. I consider myself an artist first and photographer 2nd, although depending on who you ask, those two terms are one in the same.

    This blog represents my never ending exploration and learning into my self expression using the camera as my tool. Although I do a great deal of commercial work these days, my focus is almost always finding ways to express myself artistically by communicating with my viewers with each new image I create.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that…

Already March and this is only the 2nd update for 2013? I procrastinate.  Truth is, I’ve been busy but not much to share on this blog!

I don’t claim to be a videographer, but just like photography I am finding myself being drawn to it more and more these days.  Not that I am becoming bored with taking photos, far from it! but discovering new creative ways working with a more dynamic medium of video is helping fuel my creative spark. And this is truly the reason I play this game…to create.  So below are two of my more recent ventures into video.

This first one is somewhat a promo video for one of my special personal projects I’ve begun for 2013.  It’s a little bit of footage and a few images from my first shoot of the series:


Indian Ink Sneak Peek Promo from R E N A T O on Vimeo.

Indian Ink series promo
Photography/video: Renato Ramos Jr
MUA: Blair McCall
Model: Ratheal
Music: Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peek A Boo

This 2nd video is some footage from one of my first shoots 0f 2012. I had been holding on to this footage all year and only finally a year later got around to editing and playing with it. This one is a little NSFW, so please view accordingly.

Manchester – by Renato Ramos jr from R E N A T O on Vimeo.

Model: Theresa Manchester
Photography/Video: Renato Ramos Jr
Assist: Jason Kruppa
Los Angeles based Theresa Manchester visiting New Orleans for some shooting. I decided to grab some video during our shoot for practice.
Music: Prefuse 73 – La Exchange

Keep your eye open on this spot! some interesting things to come for 2013.


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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2013′s first official shoot

If you’re not already following me on my dedicated Athlete and Fitness blog, please do so here – www.proathleticphoto.com.  But since this was my first shoot of the year, I thought I’d share it here with you guys.

This was for a gym attire clothing line that has recently been taking off.  Modeling shorts and tanks are competitive athletes Korie Alford and Michelle Russo.

Rear facing: Korie Alford Facing Camera: Michelle Russo (Location: 504 Fitness – New Orleans, LA)

Stay tuned this year for my 2013 personal project! A lot of hours of preparation, collaboration and money spent is going into this one!

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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Crystal – maternity

I don’t usually shoot the traditional photography work like maternity, but Crystal here has been a friend for a couple years and I’ve always wanted to shoot her pretty face, but never got around to… Anyways, we shot today and I couldn’t wait to edit a couple!  Congrats to Crystal and Jorge on the new baby boy coming soon!!

Crystal – 6 months


Broke in the new mirror on this shoot!


and be sure to check out my new commercial site/blog - http://proathleticphoto.com/

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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Regaining inspiration…

Hey! for the full story of below, check out my other blog here -   http://proathleticphoto.com/


It seems like forever since I’ve done a shoot. One for me. One where I was truly being expressive or creative.  In fact, I have a few editing jobs I’ve put on hold for the simple fact I didn’t want to force out work I didn’t feel was right. For that, I’m sorry to those who are waiting.  Luckily it was only 2 paying customers who truly understand where I’m coming from and actually hired me not for just pictures, but for my art. (wheeew) lol.

I’m still shooting monthly for Metrofitness and we just wrapped next months cover and article shots.  One shot here below is actually somewhat of an outtake. It’s not planned on being used for print but i liked it so I did my own edit for personal reasons and for the athlete himself – Delvin Breaux, Cornerback New Orleans Voodoo.

SORRY! had to delete…shot is up for cover now.
Delvin Breaux – New Orleans Voodoo Cornerback


So back to inspiration…I’ve had a few projects I was fired up for and still may do eventually, but one came into vision a few days ago that I think I’ll be starting first. I wont’ divulge it in it’s entirety but it’ll be going back to some of my tattoo roots! This one is gonna probably cost me some and not be a one shoot hit it and quit it…but I think in the end it’ll be one of my finest series.

With that being said, I’m holding off on almost ALL commercial work for the time being, besides the ones I’m already under obligation or calling specifically for my style… BUT still contact me if you’re looking, it just may be a few months before I get to your job.

Happy Holidays…


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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Back from the past…Nothing but gold and jeans. Mid 2009.

I believe I shot these during my “pre-Blogging” days.  I looked and couldn’t find a specific post about it, but I’ve often been asked about this image. (It’s actually one of my favorites as well!) This shoot was not for anything of purpose other than the model and I had both been wanting to shoot together for a few months. No specific concept was in mind, (we just wanted play) so she showed up with a suitcase of clothing and another with accessories.  If I remember correctly, my friend and fellow photographer Kat Spano had did the initial makeup and hair.

The shot directly below is always referred to when other women browse my portfolio seeking inspiration for our upcoming shoot.  Even if they do not want to get that revealing, it’s an image they want to draw from. *Lighting setup info below image*

Canon 85 L-series. F-16, iso 100, 1/200Model – Lindsey Cooper. Lighting setup: Key-Beauty dish above model left, 7inch reflector strobe model rear left, large softbox model rear right, 7inch reflector strobe to the grey background. I believe I may have a large silver reflector propped up on a gas can to her front right too. I do not recall specifically for this shot.:-)


*All technical info the same*


*All technical info the same* LOVE the blouse!

Would love to shoot her again or even someone else as comfortable in front of the camera.

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Billy Dugger - Classic beauty, Reny. Great lighting and a model with great wardrobe. Your MUA did a masterful job too. I love your vantage point too — makes her look heroic. Let’s shoot Bella soon.

4.6.13 – Mr. and Mrs. Scrantz » Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography - [...] on a model website, together we created images that I still call some of my most favorite work.  (Back from the Past…) Fast forward 5 years and we finally got a chance to work again! This time shooting her and her [...]

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