Oh geez I got a headache…

…but if I don’t update this blog now, I never will.

Been a few months since I set fingers to keys for this blog, but if it means anything, I had full on intentions to do so quite a few times already.    Since the baby, I’ve cut down shooting a bit….which leaves me in a constant state of being backed up on shoots.  Let me clarify, shoots for myself.  The ones I get to use my own creativity and get to make some neato art.  So if we have been talking about a shoot, I’ll get to you. Promise.  I have all these images in my head that I need to get out and put to realization.  Instead of boring you all w ith my banter, I’ll just post a few various shots since last year.   Oh, one last thing…I’ve created a new site, let me know what you think.  I’m on the fence about a full flash site, but it’s easy to use for showcasing the portfolio.  http://www.flipstyle.tv (flipstylephotography.com still works.  .tv just points to it)

Sportfit - Matt and April - Sportfit Nutrition


Courtney - Hot Chocolate!




Cover shot for Northshore Fitness - Pink Muscle


Vickie Dauthier - Pink Muscle Figure competitor



WET! (I know, lightstands...i kinda liked them in there though.)


I guess this is more photojournalism... I got to capture a bondage session with New Orlean's Dom, Gabrial Black.


VJ Kurvy - actually, i'm running late at this very moment to get ready for his birthday dinner. whoops!





Looking back in my files to post these…  guess I  haven’t really shot much for mys4lf.  There’s a lot I hadn’t posted, but I guess they are either too risque for the general public or those are the more normal photography that people pay for.     Ofcourse, I did take a 2 week cross country road trip and HAD A BROKEN CAMERA so I missed out on some breathtaking views in the Grand Canyon and Zion.  Thank goodness for iPhones…  check that adventure out here – http://www.pacificandback.com.  The best summer I’ve had to date.

I’ve got to split! but I have some good stuff planned for next week I hope to share soon!

flip …out.

p.s.  I’ll be the official event photographer for the Camellia championships.  If you are a competitor, get with me about a discount portrait session!

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

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