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    Reny - 5.18.18

    Today's technology has made it possible for anyone to pick up a camera (or even an iPhone) and proudly proclaim themselves a photographer! But this isn't necessarily an evil thing, it has allowed some to express themselves whom otherwise wouldn't have been able to 20 years ago. I consider myself an artist first and photographer 2nd, although depending on who you ask, those two terms are one in the same.

    This blog represents my never ending exploration and learning into my self expression using the camera as my tool. Although I do a great deal of commercial work these days, my focus is almost always finding ways to express myself artistically by communicating with my viewers with each new image I create.

El Camino….

I had fully planned on going to sleep.  Just a song or two of the new El Camino album to see if the Black Keys still produced good music…maybe sort through the 2nd set of shots from yesterday’s shoot…nearly 2 hours later, I sorted through the 2nd set, and 3rd set, then went ahead and knocked out one edit.  The morning isn’t going to treat me right.

So here is the cause of my lack of sleep.  I had gone to an Imaging Pre-convention workshop, and had been waiting to try out some new techniques, this is the result.  Not too far from some of my usual work but I need to fine tune.

The model is Theresa Manchester out from Los Angeles and passing through the Big Easy.  She has a unique look!

Theresa Manchester

Big thanks to Jason Kruppa for letting me utilize his studio space wooden stairs and borrowing his super duper shutter modifier. (none of which is used in the above shot actually….but the one below, yes.)

Stay tuned for more…


and in case you are wondering,  El Camino is pretty good, but in opinion nothing  beats the Big Come Up.

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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…Immortal Beloved…


Immortal Beloved – One of my all time fav movies.  Ask me why and I’d probably have somewhat a  hard time explaining.  It’s the story of Ludwig Van Beethoven, played by Gary Oldman and mainly about his relationship and secret love affair with Johanna Reiss, played by Johanna Ter Steege. Anyway, that’s what’s on in the background at the time of posting.x

I never update. I have good and well intentions to…but I find I can never write unless I’m at least holding 90% of my attention to the task at hand.  Wife, kids, dogs…I’m usually not finding the quiet moment at home. Or in the minute chance I do, I’m too busy Facebookin’ it.  It’s a problem. I know.


If you’ve read this far,  please continue to do so. Most of it makes as much sense as what I wrote above.   Most people just come to look at pictures, I just fill in the blanks with words to make it look like a legit blog…and the fact I love to rant on about nothing when I’m in the right mood.

IFBB Bikini Pro - Barbara Bolotte

Since my last visit to this blog, I’ve stayed fairly busy.  Unfortunately, most of it on the more commercial side than artistic.  Luckily, I get much freedoms to do what I want with many of my shoots.

With that being said, the longer I become involved with photography, the less I see myself as a “photographer” and more simply just someone who uses a camera to recreate what I see in my head.  Does that make sense to you? It seems perfectly clear in my head, but then again it takes a special person to understand me!  I could probably do a whole rant and blog on this subject but…I’ll spare you.
















Click here for More Barbara…


Tammy (T-Bomb) Ramos

So did I mention before my son started college? HOT DAMN I’m getting old right?  (that’s his step-mom over there ->)

Yep,  my oldest is now a Freshman at Belmont University up in Nashville, TN.  Studying biology, he plans to enter med school and become a doctor.  Felt really weird dropping him off on move in day, and before parent orientation a few weeks prior I was totally nervous.  My first born, living alone in a different state?  Did I give him the tools to get through this part of his life?  Was there something I could have done differently to help better prepare him make the right decisions when faced with bad and worse options? I think so… It was confirmed after orientation that  he was in fact ready.  He chose this school. He did the research and he made the decision. I won’t go into everything I learned during the 2 day parent orientation, but I will say I highly recommend the school.  (Belmont was cited as “School to Watch” in 2009 for its innovative programs.[12] U.S. News & World Report ranked it number 5 of masters-degree universities[13] in the South.) (but it ain’t cheap…)

So the eldest is in college, the youngest just starting daycare and the middle in Highschool… Nice span huh?

This one is pretty hot, but man is she a chore to work with! ;-p


















Have I shot anything other than fit beautiful women lately?  not really….

Vickie Garafola Dauthier - NPC figure competitor

Pink Muscle Team member.


I guess I’ll stop the chatter and spare you. Not like most of you are reading this bullshit anyways. I used to make commentary about the shoot, or the model or the MUA’s who may be involved, but most people don’t give two shits about that either…So I just write stuff here to look like I have something meaningful to say and accompany these shots.

I should start posting that meaningless bullshit that comes with spam mail. hmmm… Maybe some lyrics? Poems? presidential speeches?  What do you suggest.  Send me an email and I’ll oblige.  reny@flipstylephotography.com

For now…here’s more shots since the last update.  Probably for the most part in chronological order from above.



Barbara Bolotte - Beach

Samuel – Trainers Choice athletes

AAEFX Natural Freaks - http://www.aaefx.com


…and finally being able to get back to some of my own ART work….


Ana Banana

click it for more from this set of Ana…

Ana is the first of maybe 4 to 6 girls I’ll be shooting for an art series I hope to show next year.  Stayed tuned for more info on that!


I usually don’t share much of family photos, but I thought this impromptu shoot with my kids was worthy…

The College Student


The Highschooler...

Still wearing Pull-Up's in the middle...

…take a picture, It lasts longer.
Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Michael Gioia - Good stuff Ren, as always!

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haha, sorry Jill.  If this is agnyone’s first time reading one of my blog post, the title “usually” has no relevance to what the the content of the post actually is.  It’s usually a song i’m listening to or something that’s on my mind totally unrelated to what I am about to right.  In this case, it’s a competitors name which for some reason keeps running through my head like the last song you heard on the radio.    In my own mad world, it makes perfect sense…just run with it.


Anyway, where did I leave off?   Julia Helena and the Amelie G post! Well, this one is kinda full circle.  The July Amelie G finally came out so look for it in your local news stand now.  I’m not exactly sure which images they used as I haven’t seen the issue yet, but below are some of the shot’s I did.  Some are cropped to my liking though.

Model: Amy Nguyen : Styling: Katie Dumestre : Hair/MU: Glamour Therapy


Model: Amy Nguyen : Styling: Katie Dumestre : Hair/MU: Glamour Therapy


Model: Amy Nguyen : Styling: Katie Dumestre : Hair/MU: Glamour Therapy

Credits: Elsa Brodmann/Amelie G Style Magzine

Styling: Katie Dumestre ~ Model: Amy Nguyen ~ Hair/Mu: Glamour Therapy



I was able to complete a 2nd shoot for Julia Helena before her NYC trip!  Hope she’s doing good up there and making contacts.




Hair: Julia Elena ~ Makeup: Renee Ramos ~ Models:Tatiana Palacio, Blake Lugo, Marissa Cosse


Finishing up my latest work is a couple sets of fitness related work…

Local NPC Bikini Competitor  Rishawn Carriere

Rishawn Carriere

Top placings in her first shows this year!


Tammy (T-Bomb) Ramos




Ball and chain.


OHHH, this guurl soo flyyy…

NPC Figure competitor - April Thomas


NPC Figure Competitor April Thomas


In addition, I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Jason Kruppa (http://www.kruppaworks.com) who helped me shoot the 1st ever Camellia Championships, in Slidell, LA.  Great show and a good time!


If any competitors competing or competed in any Louisiana or any Gulf states shows need photos, contact me for a discounted rate. reny@flipstylephotography.com 504.915.1429

I know some of you may be asking what happen to all my fetish or tattoo photography…?  it’s in the works.  And I’m always looking for galleries to show them, so if you have any suggestions, please forward them to me!


till next time.


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography
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Chilly day in May…?

Hey fans or fan…(hi Mom!) Wrapped up a couple shoots this past 2 weeks! Got to work with the great bunch over at Amelia G Fashion Mag for a beauty/lingerie type of shoot. More on that once I can post the images after print! But thanks Elsa and Katie for thinking of me. Always a pleasure!   If you’re not familiar with Amelie G  Style Magazine,  it was first published as an online style magazine which soon later launched into print in 2010.  Almost all of the talent, models, mua, stylist, photographers..etc hail from the Greater New Orleans area.  The concept is the product of local fashion designer – Elsa Brodmann!  Be sure to click the mag or link above and visit the website.


Julia Elena – Hairstylist…Had the pleasure of photoing a few headshots of her work as well recently.  Good friend of MUA- Renee Ramos (no relation, although she secretly wishes),  Julia asked if we could get some shots down for her port.   The model, Jessica Masters…YAYY!  Such a pretty girl!  Julia on hair, Renee on the face and Jess just sitting pretty…  I hope I could do them justice.

We did 2 looks that day, but hope to gtg this thursday to complete her shoot with a 3rd!

If you are looking for some talented work you can contact the 3 of them below:

Hair : Julia Elena – julzelen09@aol.com

Make-up: Renee Ramos – makeupartist88@yahoo.com

(Although she does modeling, Jessica Masters is also a talented MUA as well)

Jessica Masters – jessicamasters85@yahoo.com

check out the promo-video! It’s hosted on Facebook right now, I’ll have a good HD version up on my server soon.

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Kat Spano - Gorgeous girl, Reny! Great job as always!

Dick - Superb job my friend!!

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