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It seems like forever since I’ve done a shoot. One for me. One where I was truly being expressive or creative.  In fact, I have a few editing jobs I’ve put on hold for the simple fact I didn’t want to force out work I didn’t feel was right. For that, I’m sorry to those who are waiting.  Luckily it was only 2 paying customers who truly understand where I’m coming from and actually hired me not for just pictures, but for my art. (wheeew) lol.

I’m still shooting monthly for Metrofitness and we just wrapped next months cover and article shots.  One shot here below is actually somewhat of an outtake. It’s not planned on being used for print but i liked it so I did my own edit for personal reasons and for the athlete himself – Delvin Breaux, Cornerback New Orleans Voodoo.

SORRY! had to delete…shot is up for cover now.
Delvin Breaux – New Orleans Voodoo Cornerback


So back to inspiration…I’ve had a few projects I was fired up for and still may do eventually, but one came into vision a few days ago that I think I’ll be starting first. I wont’ divulge it in it’s entirety but it’ll be going back to some of my tattoo roots! This one is gonna probably cost me some and not be a one shoot hit it and quit it…but I think in the end it’ll be one of my finest series.

With that being said, I’m holding off on almost ALL commercial work for the time being, besides the ones I’m already under obligation or calling specifically for my style… BUT still contact me if you’re looking, it just may be a few months before I get to your job.

Happy Holidays…


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

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