Back from the past…Nothing but gold and jeans. Mid 2009.

I believe I shot these during my “pre-Blogging” days.  I looked and couldn’t find a specific post about it, but I’ve often been asked about this image. (It’s actually one of my favorites as well!) This shoot was not for anything of purpose other than the model and I had both been wanting to shoot together for a few months. No specific concept was in mind, (we just wanted play) so she showed up with a suitcase of clothing and another with accessories.  If I remember correctly, my friend and fellow photographer Kat Spano had did the initial makeup and hair.

The shot directly below is always referred to when other women browse my portfolio seeking inspiration for our upcoming shoot.  Even if they do not want to get that revealing, it’s an image they want to draw from. *Lighting setup info below image*

Canon 85 L-series. F-16, iso 100, 1/200Model – Lindsey Cooper. Lighting setup: Key-Beauty dish above model left, 7inch reflector strobe model rear left, large softbox model rear right, 7inch reflector strobe to the grey background. I believe I may have a large silver reflector propped up on a gas can to her front right too. I do not recall specifically for this shot.:-)


*All technical info the same*


*All technical info the same* LOVE the blouse!

Would love to shoot her again or even someone else as comfortable in front of the camera.

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Billy Dugger - Classic beauty, Reny. Great lighting and a model with great wardrobe. Your MUA did a masterful job too. I love your vantage point too — makes her look heroic. Let’s shoot Bella soon.

4.6.13 – Mr. and Mrs. Scrantz » Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography - [...] on a model website, together we created images that I still call some of my most favorite work.  (Back from the Past…) Fast forward 5 years and we finally got a chance to work again! This time shooting her and her [...]

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