N.P.C. Louisiana Championships

The smell of Pro-tan, sweat and cold Tilapia. I don’t think that’s something you can get used to.  Last weekend my wife and I had a few friends compete in the Louisiana State bodybuilding, figure, physique & Bikini show and although…

Heavy Weight – Prejudging


I wasn’t the official photographer for this particular event,  I managed to snap a few here and there during prejudging or whenever a friend or close acquaintance was on stage.  So if you don’t see any images of you…sorry! I wasn’t there the entire time and didn’t shoot everything.  You can probably visit the show’s official website for the photos – http://www.lachampionships.com/


Women’s Figure – Beautiful female muscle!



The N.P.C Louisiana contest season is pretty much over, but there is another organization – the ABFF which has some a show  yet to come as well as some NPC action in nearby Alabama & Texas.   So if you are an athlete looking to have some magazine quality portraits taken contact me ASAP.  I have limited availability.


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

Holly Popowitch - Hi! I was just wondering since I see that you already have a few pics of me on here, if you happened to have any front shots? The other photographer took shots of me in between poses and I would like have at least on good front pose to send to possible sponsors. I was the first girl out on stage (47) for Figure Open Class A in the blue suit with all the tattoos. Please let me know! Also, I was wondering how I can make an appointment with you to take some good fitness modeling pictures for my future sponsors as well. Please let me know! Thanks so much.


Alex Lopez - I would like to see pics from the light heavyweight class

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