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Sorry for lack of updates, I haven’t been shooting all that much since moving into the new house and ensuing plumbing problem that caused about 20k+ of damage…yeah fun!    But i have some things planned and hope to be lining them up!

But my often fellow partner in crime Jahromephoto was surfin’ the net be productive I’m sure…and ran across one of my photos on a French Photography blog…Hey,  neato!  It was one of my bondage photography shots.

Lense France


Pretty cool!

Oh, I did have a shoot last weekend.  A friend of mine is a competitive bodybuilder who is doing his first show for the year and asked if I’d snap a few in the gym.  If you follow my work and remember, this is the same guy about 2 years ago I shot.  Except he’s about 40lbs heavier…

Chanse Charrier - about a week out.

Chanse Charrier

Good luck buddy!  I’ll save my weekly cheat meal for after the show to celebrate!


Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

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