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I was going to post a big long description of this shoot, maybe explain who the model is, where she’s from, how she got to be where she is….basically all that I learned while shooting her….but after reviewing these shots, I found they are too interesting and it would do no justice to them by giving you the information.   Let your imagination take it…come back here and comment what you think of the shots.   I was hesitant to share them at first with the whole public, but  after a few reviews and feed back from others urging me to…here they are.

The Travel Trailer Holga shots  (120 medium format film on a cheap plastic camera)  – click image for gallery

Destination Nowhere

Digital shots – Canon 5DMKII, 35mm L series, natural light  – click image for gallery

I’ve decided to only edit them to B&W and keep them as real and honest as the content.

Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

christy - Reny, these are some of the best pictures I’ve seen from you ever. She could be anyone.. someones daughter, a run a way, just a girl travelling.. it’s simple, natural and raw.. Awesome job.. ;)

I posted this on facebook.. but it was worth repeating..

leila k - RENY, Ive loved your work since I first found you on myspace but this DEFFF tops it off…this is art, talent, and being a naturalist at its finest… i wish i could do some work with you!!! You really should do more shoots like this..not all naked of course but the way you captured this girl in such a raw element is amazing!! DO MORE WORK LIKE suites you!!

leila k - lol i didnt even read the person above mes comment before i wrote my thoughts how funny that we thought the same thing!!

flip - Thank you very much ladies!! And Leila, even though we are a bit far maybe someday we’ll get to shoot in 2010!

leila k - hey im not that 2 hrs!!

lyd - these are real & honest. Much more appealing than naked posed models trying to be perfectly beautiful. These photos make u feel somethng when u view them. Great work lil brother.

Amy S. Enyart - Very nice! Are you processing the film from the Holga yourself?

BILLY DUGGER - Very nice, Reny. Are there more? Reminds me of old Life Magazine photo essays.

BILLY DUGGER - Well, I goofed. Finally figured out the gallery’s operation. Very nice indeed. Great model. How’d you luck into this situation? Would like to see more images of her going through her day and how she abides in the trailer i.e., such things are cooking, washing dishes, bathing, communicating (does she have a computer hookup) etc., all the things that life entails. Good work, guy. Congrats.

Dick - Dude. Seriously. BY FAR my favorite shoot of yours!!! But, methinks, you knew it would be. This is my kind of photography….natural light, and natural subject. The Holga shots were amazing, and your digital shots were PERFECT. After looking at the Holga shots (first) I thought, no way could your digi shots capture her & that scene like I just saw in the film pics. I actually almost didn’t click on the 2nd gallery because I didn’t want it to spoil what I had just seen. But I’m GLAD I did, because they were just as true and raw to form as the Holga.

I’m officially inspired.

George - Found your site by chance – and quickly bookmarked it! A fantastic set of shots; You captured her beauty, vulnerability, playfulness and sensuousness perfectly. I like the shots from the Holga best – the softness adds to the artistry while the digital “perfection” gives more a feeling of a clinical voyeur.

Jo - All i can say is Wow!!!!!!! Besides that… even as an artist, I am left speechless!

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