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Photography Rights?

This is a subject that the majority of people are miss informed on.  I posted this question on my personal Facebook page and wasn’t surprised by most of the responses.  Some were close to what the actual law’s state some were off and some were some where in the middle.  If you are a photographer,…

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Bodybuilding supplementations part 2

MuscleEgg came down for the Greater Gulf Pro/Amateur Bodybuilding event last month and I had the opportunity to shoot Lamar Byrd, a Nationally ranked young bodybuilder who is a major spokesperson for the company in the Southeast region.  Along with Byrd, my wife Tammy (T-Bomb) Ramos was asked to work the event representing MuscleEgg.  If…

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Bodybuilding supplementation part 1

If you are a bodybuilder , been around a bodybuilder or around the sport in general you’ll notice everyone takes some form of supplement to gain an edge against the competition.  Some may even resort to the more extreme measures of anabolic steroids.  I myself lay no judgement to anyones train of thought when it…

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