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Are you Hungary?

Got the email from Tattoo Magazine and the article is printed and the issue is on the streets… So I can release it here.  Thanks to the ladies who’s photos they used, without  you I might be shooting birds and flowers. ;-p  And a big thank you to  Blair Johnston and Renee Ramos the 2…

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Inked Girls Vol. 1 Issue 2

BLAH!  Guess my shots got in too late!  Editor said he’ll use 2 of them for the next (3rd) issue but is not using my Liz Brutal set.  Such a shame, I really loved those shots but understand.  They said the background was too dark for printing.  Be it eating up too much ink and…

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Bath time at the new house!

Finishing the move into the new house, Lulu needed a bath! This was really a quick impromptu, but gave me a great idea for her next real shoot!!! Renato Ramos Jr – Flipstyle Photography

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